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May 5, 2017: Repeal and replace

The House passed a bill to repeal and replace Obamacare. The bill barely squeaked through a divided House of Representatives, with 217 for and 213 against. Every Democrat and 20 Republicans voted against it. The bill will have a hard time getting through the Senate in its current form, and any changes made in the Senate will need to be passed, again, by the House, before the bill can become law. As it currently stands, the bill would eliminate government-subsidized health care plans in favor of tax credits that would vary based on age and family size. It could also potentially allow health insurers to charge more for people with pre-existing conditions, which would negate one of the most popular parts of Obamacare.

A right-wing extremist in Germany tried to carry out a false-flag terrorist attack. The culprit was a member of the German army and part of a secret extreme-right group with neo-Nazi sympathies that appears to have infiltrated the German armed forces. He posed as a Syrian refugee and registered as an asylum seeker in hopes that refugees would be blamed for the terror attack he planned to carry out at the airport in Vienna, Austria. The German Defense Minister has pledged a “deep and painful” investigation into the matter.

Apple will invest $1 billion in manufacturing in the US. The money will be used to create a fund that will invest in “advanced manufacturing” projects in the US in hopes of creating a “ripple in the pond” that leads to the creation of new jobs. Apple has not addressed whether the fund was influenced by President Trump’s rhetoric about creating manufacturing jobs.

A photo of the Vatican, which is one of the places Trump will visit on his first overseas trip. Photo via Wikimedia.

Trump scheduled his first overseas trip. Later this month Trump will visit Israel, Saudi Arabia, and the Vatican, before a visit to NATO headquarters in Belgium, and then the G7 summit in Italy. The stop at the Vatican will include a meeting with Pope Francis.

A popular Somali legislator was shot dead by troops who mistook him for a terrorist. Abas Abdullahi Sheikh, a 31-year-old Member of Parliament (MP), was killed by Somali security forces who saw his car parked near the presidential palace and mistook him for a militant from the infamous Al-Shabab group, which is affiliated with Al Qaeda. Sheikh grew up in a refugee camp before becoming Somalia’s youngest MP last year, and he was an inspirational figure to many of his country’s youth.

Uplifting stories and clickbait: A little girl showed off her new prosthetic leg to her school friends, and things got adorable. A pair of University of Kentucky students were arrested for burglary after they were caught crawling through air ducts to steal a copy of their upcoming statistics exam. Wolves are roaming Denmark for the first time in 200 years. And, a Girl Scout in the Czech Republic went viral after she confronted a neo-Nazi at a May Day rally.

About today: Despite what many think, today is not Independence Day in Mexico, but it is Cinco de Mayo. Napoleon died in exile on this date in 1821. And in 1934, the first Three Stooges short was released.

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