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February 24, 2017: VX nerve agent killed Kim Jong-nam

Kim Jong-nam was killed by VX nerve agent. Malaysian police say their autopsy showed that VX nerve agent, a banned chemical weapon, was the substance used to assassinate Kim Jong-nam in Kuala Lumpur’s airport. Meanwhile, North Korea insists that Malaysia is fabricating evidence at the insistence of their arch rival, South Korea.

Trump raised eyebrows by calling immigration raids a “military operation”. The comment came during a meeting with manufacturing executives, and it raised concerns in light of last week’s leaked Department of Homeland Security memo that discussed the possibility of using the National Guard to round up immigrants. Sean Spicer, Trump’s Press Secretary, later said Trump was using “military operation” as an adjective to say it’s “happening with precision”. The comments contributed to what was, by most reports, a tense meeting between US diplomats, including Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, and Mexican officials in Mexico City.

A new vaccine therapy may allow people to control HIV without drugs. The vaccine therapy combines two anti-HIV vaccines and a cancer drug to allow patients’ immune systems to effectively fight off HIV. In a recent study, 5 of 24 patients were left “virus-free” by the treatment. As the technique is refined, it may allow many HIV patients to stop taking the expensive daily drugs that most current HIV treatments require.

Russia admitted to waging information warfare. Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said that Russian “information troops” were conducting “intelligent, effective propaganda”. The admission seems to validate well-publicized concerns that Russia is successfully manipulating public opinion through the use of “fake news”.

Adam Purinton, who shot three men in an apparent hate crime in Kansas.

Three people were shot in an apparent hate crime in Kansas. Adam Purinton shouted racial slurs at a pair of men from India in a bar in Olathe, Kansas, and told them to, “Get out of my country.” He then shot the Indian men and a bystander who tried to come to their aid. One of the Indian men died, and the other Indian man and the bystander are in the hospital.

Democrats are planning for “total war” against Trump. Democratic Party leaders are set to gather this weekend to plan their strategy and elect a new national chairman. Ahead of that meeting, party leaders are suggesting that their strategy will be “total war against President Trump”. Essentially, the plan is for Democrats to copy the “party of no” strategy Republicans used (and Democrats complained about) against President Obama: Refuse to find opportunities for compromise.

Newly released documents shed light on the “underwear bomber” terror plot. In 2009 Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, a Nigerian Al-Qaeda member, tried to blow up a plane using a bomb hidden in his underwear. The New York Times used a government records request to obtain documents that show that the plot was led by Anwar al-Awlaki, who was later the first American to be killed intentionally by a drone attack.

Alan Colmes, Fox News’ most famous liberal, passed away. Colmes was the liberal half of the Fox News show “Hannity and Colmes”, and he was the most prominent liberal voice on Fox News for many years. Holmes, who was 66, died after a brief illness.

Uplifting stories and clickbait: A helicopter pilot scanning for tuna instead ended up finding two separate boats of castaways: One set was three passengers who had been adrift for a month, drinking fish blood to survive, the other was a teenage boy who had been lost at sea for 11 days. Putin may be the richest man in the world, with up to $200 billion in hidden assets. And, the story of a KGB “illegal” who ended up living the American dream.

About today: Today is Independence Day in Estonia. The Nazi Party was founded on this date in 1920. And, a false alarm led the United States to unleash an anti-aircraft barrage into empty skies on this date in 1942.

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